Engine breakdown = Wallet Breakdown

Discovering that your vehicles engine is broken down is truly no fun find. When you jump in, turn the key, start her up and then go to take off and well you don’t go anywhere.

The only place you the have to go is to the mechanics for the engine light is something that cannot be ignored. When it comes to mechanics however, the range can be extreme.

From your local one man band always covered in grease to the big chain mechanics with big workshops and clean floors. You then have to question which will provide a better job for the price.

I elected to take my broken down ute to a ‘bigger’ player. For something that is important to me (my vehicle) I did not want to take any risk with someone who may be incapable or only produce a half finished result.

Fortunately the job was done correctly and my car is up and running again. However it did come at a cost and quite a significant one at that. But what can you do….

Extravagant Limo Hire Worth Every Penny.

Limousine or otherwise known as limos are known to be high class fleet traditionally used by the wealthy. The price is still relatively expensive but many ordinary people are still forking out their money to experience such a ride.

The questions that you might ask are i) why are people spending so much money on a pretty much loan ride for a mere couple of hours ii) are there other alternatives to limos that you can utilise?

The obvious reason why people are spending big bucks on limo rides is quite obvious: people want exceptional experience going to a special event. Think about special events in your life, for example weddings, anniversary, graduations and school balls. These are one in a life time events in someone’s lifetime so why not make it a memorable one?

The answer to the second question is a blatant no! These days in age, one cannot replace the luxurious experience that a plush limousine will provide. The next available thing is a small chartered vehicle. Although comfortable in its own right, you can’t compare it to a limo. I mean, just look at the size difference. A limousine is huge compared to a SCV. But the difference doesn’t just stop there. Look at the ultimate luxury internal of a limo. Plush isn’t it? Then look at a SCV, pretty ordinary? I don’t blame you for thinking that at all!

Another reason to why people choose a limo is to arrive in style! Especially for red carpet events. Arriving in a limo is such a crowd attraction.

After a spending your money on top notch limo service, one will never look back! All future rides to special events will no doubt be a luxury limo. Nothing less that’s for sure. All across the world, even the isolated city of Perth, limousine hire is here to stay! Money well spent? You bet!

Radar Detectors

Radar detectors just wow what an expensive piece of equipment they are.

I got myself a quote the other day so that I could have some installed in my new car, and I was gobsmacked when I saw the price tag that came with a quotation.

I couldn’t believe it for four pieces of equipment and a couple of hours of labor they wanted to charge me $4,000 minimum. I certainly will not be taking upon this, as it is way too expensive and way out my budget.

I’m aware that they are specialty items, and such items have a higher price tag, but I feel for what I would be receiving it is quite ridiculous! This is more than likely because there is not a huge range of suppliers of these products.

The best bet will be to go to other installers of radars and get several quotations so I can use for comparison. These system now operates with new laser technology that mounts to your license plate and picks out the detectors on the street and in the cop car by blocking out their laser.

I’m not entirely sure how the system works, but I do know for a fact that it does through comments and reviews from people online and my fellow associates.

I still cannot get over the fact of a wish to charge me $4,000 for such an installation. I will be saving myself dollars, doing the right thing and sticking to the speed limit. This is a banking heaven equipment that I don’t need for its price tag.


The cost of organic. Food can be a very cheap or very expensive thing dependant on what it is you buy, how much you buy and the quality of what you buy.

Though there are always costs involved there are many ways cost can be defined. Many and most would simply look at food as a cost in money and a cost their wallet, rather than a cost to their health if they were to be consuming unhealthy food simply because it is cheap and tastes good.

This is very much in the case of organic foods. Organic foods in simplest terms are the most natural, hearty, whole and healthy food source you can buy for they do not contain much of the additives and pesticides that many foods now unfortunately carry.

As you can expect though, this means that there is a higher price tag in order to obtain these products. Referring back to the cost statement I made, this is often where you have to decipher which factor will influence you more.

The higher cost in dollar value or the cost of your health in eating artificial processed food that is cheap? It is really a tricky one because at the end of the day we want both.

Some may feel there is justification, others may not. However can you really put a price on your health? It is singularly the most important thing, and so a few dollars extra here and there to buy organic is sure to be worth it.

Vacuum up your dollars.

The expense of cost for cleaning can be quite extreme, or it can be quite reasonable. However, it can also determine the quality of job that results.

Paying the heavenly rate of cheap is great for the wallet and an average clean, however often at times you can be left cleaning half of your place. This can be through time and effort or expenses of buying your cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, scrubs and sprays.

However paying for a more sophisticated experienced service will come with a slighter higher price tag but for than often the quality of finish is certainly of heavenly value and result.

You must way up the pros and cons of each and make your decision as to your leniency.

The most expensive would be a service of topless cleaners, which I have heard is within Perth Australia and makes some serious fortune. Or the expense, as mentioned earlier, could be from buying the latest and greatest cleaning equipment such as the Shark (http://www.sharkclean.com/).

Keep er gleamin clean.



To have your garden looking snazzy and fancy fresh as possible you need some professionals to give your garden the landscaping touch that will bring it to life.

How much will a good looking garden go a long way when your neighbors walk by your house, or you look at your back window? If you’ve got a top-notch landscape to look at, you will simply be loving it.

Landscaping however can be quite expensive if you allow the professionals to do all the work for you with a high-quality jam packed redesign.

In order to save some costs you can look at supplying some of the material yourself such as the plants, feature rocks or pebbles, and perhaps for your garden bed mulch or even wood chip mulch.

Fortunately, there are lots of different options you can choose to get a unique feel to your garden that you will be most satisfied with.

If your own supplying or modeling is out of your capabilities then, you can certainly use the professionals to do the work for you. Do Be aware of the somewhat expensive price tag that may come with this, after all they are professionals.

It is always best to look and shop around to make sure that you are getting the very best at the very best price. Often at times all you simply need to do is ask a question for a some sort of deal and some of the time they will be happy to oblige.

I certainly recommend getting some landscaping done whether it be from yourself or with the professionals touch as it can certainly give you the edge of look to your home garden from basic cleanup services to full remodel design.

This could include planting, mulching, cleaning, grading, watering or irrigation. Love your garden but hate gardening? Then this is the perfect banking heaven solution.


Talking about the expenses in the cost of money to buy things and experiences. For example, the cinemas to go watch a movie the price is becoming ridiculous now, from once $10 a ticket to now 20 dollars.

Yes, the movies are entertaining, and yes the experience of watching something in cinema is great however I cannot seem to justify the price increase.

Add your candy bar on you are looking at a quite expensive couple of hours out to simply watch a movie, which you can do from the comfort of your home.

the most recent movie I went and watched was cold fury starring Brad Pitt about the war between the Americans and the Germans and squats a good movie however it was very intense and provided many dead bodies

Was it worth it? I would say yes, but more so for the fact that I was able to share the experience with someone. If you are very passionate about a particular movie that you would love to see and can share with someone then, it is definitely worth it.

Just going to a movie for the sake of watching a movie and paying that expense then I have to consider possibly whether it is worth it, when you are equally able to rent one for a couple of dollars.

Banking on Limousines


Banking on limos. Now let me tell you, this aint a bad way to spend your moolah.

Was kind enough to spoil the girlfriend and myself with a lovely limousine outing for our anniversary the other night, and it was money definitely well worth spent for it was…heavenly.

We had a fantastic time, receiving the most high quality limousine and professional service that you would hope for and it was a great way to spend our day together. The limousine service was on time and organised and provided us with comfort, class and charm throughout the whole journey, not to mention some sweet ass wheels. (Click here to see).

The girl loved it and i managed to score myself not only a great night with her but some good brownie points…winning.

Yes limos can be a bit pricey but there are definitely a lot worse ways you can spend your money, and the experience is worth it. A heavenly way of getting around town, how could you say ‘no’ to that.

All in all banking on limousines was worth it. Will definitely be putting some more dollars away for the next time I wish to ride on the clouds getting around town in style.